Functional design of Dayton injection molds and parts is vital for making the injection molding process:
efficient streamlined

Creating The Perfect Design with dayton plastic injection molds and part design services

Creating the perfect injection mold design is important in making certain your plastic part is ejected cleanly with no scratches or overhang and that it is as cost effective and works as smartly as possible. Our team always designs and constructs parts with the end use in mind. 

Plastic Injection Molding Dayton considers the ways in which parts may be made lighter, costs may be reduced and products may get to market quicker through eliminating unnecessary production steps.

Plastic Injection Molding Dayton will help you to keep cost in mind and work within your means all while creating the best possible part for your product in the end.

Preform For Pet by Plastic Injection Molding Company in Dayton, OH

our plastic injection molding team in dayton designs plastic Parts with injection molding in mind.

From the very beginning, a part should be designed with injection molding in mind. Simplifying design wherever possible and minimizing the number of parts from the beginning will save money later on. When designing a mold tool, the design should work to prevent defects during production. Our team will design with the common injection molding defects in mind so that they can be prevented.

dayton Injection molding involves design, testing and tooling requirements.

When producing parts at high volumes, it’s important to get the design correct the first time, which can be a very involved process. First, Plastic Injection Molding Dayton will design and then prototype the part to specification. The prototype is often produced through 3D printing and using a material that may not end up being the final material used in mass production.

We will then design an injection mold tool for an initial production round. The development of an injection mold tool is required to generate some hundred injection molded prototypes. Our team will then refine the injection mold tool before mass-producing the final plastic molded part.

dayton Additional Molding Services

Not only do we create injection mold prototypes as well for functional testing, we offer other types of plastic injection molding as well, including overmolding and insert molding. Overmolding is a process where a single part is created using two or more different materials in combination. Insert molding is a process where plastic is injected into a mold with a pre-placed plastic insert. We do family molds, too for those projects best suited for the manufacturing process. Family molds are molds where more than one cavity is cut into the mold to allow for multiple parts made of the same material to be formed in one cycle.

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